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Streets of San Diego

View of the Harbor

Railroad Station

Various views from Hankinson

Portion of Pacific Bluffs / Highway 66

Hurricane of September 1926: South Beach

Hurricane of September 1926: Flagler St and 12th Avenue

The Ahwanhnee, Half Dome in background

Wawona, Mariposa Big Tree Grove

First home in Utah, located on Temple Square

Main Street at night

The State Capitol

Mormon Temple illuminated by night

Temple Square

Great Mormon Tabernacle

Cosntruction fo the Tabernacle Roof

The Eagle Gate

The Pioneer Monument

The Cathedral of the Madeleine

Union Depot, on line of Union Pacific R.R.

Will Rogers Memorial Museum and Tomb

Champlin Refining Company

Heart of Tulsa

Birthplace of Will Rogers, 12 miles Northwest of Claremore

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